Our Luminaries

We’ve hired astronauts to launch a new business, engaged Nobel Prize-winning chemists to talk about the chemical reaction between marketers and customers, and partnered with biologists to evolve packaging.

Our Luminary network is made up of hundreds of these bright minds who are revolutionary creative advisors and innovation experts. They share our belief that business can play, must play, a greater role in improving life on earth. These aren’t brand experts, they’re experts on what matters in the world, and therefore on your brand.

When we gather around the table with our clients, luminaries, and BrightHouse thinkers, the real breakthroughs happen that change the way McDonald’s fills Happy Meals, the way Paper Mate disposes of pens. Ah-ha moments that reveal purpose and consequently result in increased profits as well as increased health and happiness. Not the usual brand strategy or business strategy consultants, they expand the realm of solutions by expanding the thinking.