Tim Kuhrcke

Tim Kuhrcke

Tim is a Managing Director in the Berlin office of BrightHouse. He joined BrightHouse in 2018.

Tim began his career by founding a consulting firm to help local media redefine their role in a Google world. Having grown an appetite for complex challenges, he continued his consulting career at The Boston Consulting Group in Berlin, focusing on innovation, consumer good and branding topics. Tim then joined Viacom and MTV Networks in New York, where he was responsible for innovation both in linear content and digital products as part of the leadership team that famously pivoted the company from a Gen X to Gen Y mindset.

Further expanding his innovation leadership, Tim was recently part of the Management Team of renowned innovation boutique Sturm und Drang as well as Strategic Design Director at BCG Digital Ventures. Having spent more than a decade in innovation, Tim is sure to tell you that without understanding your why and rethinking your culture, yourwhere, what and how won‘t really get you anywhere.

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