Mathieu Menegaux


Mathieu is a Managing Director, and has been leading our Paris office since its opening in 2019.

Prior to dedicating his time to BrightHouse, Mathieu was a Senior Partner with the Boston Consulting Group, where he spent 20 years, working mostly in Energy and Industrial Goods. He was a member of the Paris Office Management Team, in charge of HR and people engagement. At BCG, he founded the Social Entrepreneur of the year Prize, in 2007, which has since recognized 12 outstanding social entrepreneurs.

Before joining BCG, Mathieu spent 12 years working in management positions in three different industries, office furniture (Steelcase), security (Securitas) and exhibitions (Créatifs, where he was General Manager).

Mathieu is in charge of a lecture at HEC, about cultural management in PMIs. He wrote two articles in Les Echos (« Travailler moins pour travailler mieux » – « Work better to work less » / « Business et Solidarité, si on faisait la paix ? » – « What if we stopped opposing business and solidarity ».

He is also a climber, diver, compulsive reader, father of daughters, thinker, dreamer and author, with three novels published by Grasset.

Connect with Mathieu on LinkedIn.

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