Professor Joey Reiman and his team have turned the successful processes at BrightHouse into a curriculum of Higher Education Consulting that can teach other consultancies, agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and students their proprietary methodology.

Whether you call it idea training, branding and marketing resources, idea workshops or business strategy tips, these idea classes redefine the notion of corporate leadership training. More like thinking classes, they teach you how to use the lens of purpose to solve any problem and align strategy and values.

Joey Reiman teaches Ideation and Purpose at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School to BBA and MBA students. He also consults with academic institutions to help design their class curriculum to teach Ideation and Purpose. In addition, Joey teaches one-to-two day Ideation & Purpose workshops at universities and at corporate leadership seminars.

what faculty and students are saying

 Professor Reiman is a natural educator. His phenomenal teaching style is matched by an unparalleled level of expertise, a profound understanding of current practices, and an uncanny ability to predict future directions. – Andrea Hershatter, Senior Associate Dean, Emory University

 I have only been at work for two days at Goody, but I have already seen your Master Idea™ for Newell Rubbermaid twice and the Goody brand Master Idea™ once. Each desktop background is set to the Purpose Star to remind employees what they are working for. I wanted you to know how big of an impact you and Brighthouse have had on the people at Newell. Today alone, your message was shared with 200 women at Newell to both inspire us and challenge us to become better workers and, more importantly, better individuals. – Natalie Schonefeld, Goizueta Business School, Spring 2011

 Creating ideas is wonderful, but Joey Reiman has found a way to make those ideas worth something of greater moral, spiritual, and monetary value.  He has graced Emory with his presence in the classroom and is a fantastic professor. His passion and energy creates an atmosphere in which it is impossible not to pay attention. – Jessica Hershatter, Emory University, Fall 2010