Dominic Veken


Dominic Veken is a Managing Director for BrightHouse, a division of the Boston Consulting Group that specializes in Purpose Consulting. He has been with the BrightHouse Berlin office since October 2018.

Most recently, Veken has worked more than eight years as a corporate philosopher and strategy consultant for a range of national and international clients in Hamburg. Previously, he was Managing Director and Chief of Strategy for the creative agency Kolle Rebbe, and advised, among other various clients, Angela Merkel and the CDU in the 2009 German national election campaign.

Veken is a lecturer and author of two books, “Der Sinn des Unternehmens — Wofür arbeiten wir eigentlich?” (The Purpose of the Company — What are We Working For?) and “Ab jetzt Begeisterung — Die Zukunft gehört den Idealisten“ (From Now on Enthusiasm — The Future Belongs to Idealists), as well as numerous articles on these topics. He teaches “Unternehmensphilosophie” (corporate philosophy) at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Furthermore, he was involved winning a couple of dozen communication awards.

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