What Moves You? Our Motivational Matrix

What moves you? At BrightHouse, we think business feels best when it doesn’t feel like business as usual. So we decided to add some creativity to our motivational matrix from the white paper Purpose with the Power to Transform your Organization. We wanted it to be anything but the usual, and our in-house production team took the idea and ran with it.

I had always attributed the quote to Tolstoy, but the internet seems to cast some doubt on my memory. Instead we’ll say: One day, a famous author was asked why he writes. “Because,” he answered, “otherwise the world would stop turning.”

Each of us can think back on a job that excited us—filled us with vitality because what we were doing felt vital to the world around us. Those projects, roles, and moments have something in common. They are motivated by a sense of purpose.

Purpose with the Power to Transform Your Organization describes the current shift in thinking that’s inspiring more people to demand more from their work. But healthy and thriving company cultures don’t just spring up with the addition of a ping pong table or office happy hour. They come together when employees are not treated as a means to an end, but as valuable contributors whose individual growth is tantamount to the company’s growth. Purpose, it seems, moves all of us.

Here’s the original matrix from our white paper:
Purpose with the Power to Transform your OrganizationScreen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.39.27 AM

And here’s our creative video based on the matrix:

Director of BrightHouse Pictures: Ashley Maiola
Creative Director: Jeff Harter
Creative Director and Writer: Mike Brady
Associate Creative Director: Paa Coss
Filmmaker: David Bunzey
Animator: Taaneya Balaji

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