Values at Work: Giving Thanks for a Job That Matters

It’s the season for giving thanks. Family, friends, and amazing food often top our gratitude list. But since many of us spend more waking hours at the office than we do at home, shouldn’t our work offer more than just a paycheck? As we gather around the table, let’s take a moment to reflect on our company’s values and what we value at work.


Purpose is why an organization exists. Values explain who the organization is. For more on how purpose influences company culture, head over to our Things We Do page.

What Makes a Value VALUABLE?

Ever seen posters in the office hallway with words like “quality” and “teamwork” ? Compliant values say nothing and inspire no one. That’s why they live on walls, not in hearts.

Then there are committed values. These values change the company, but not much else. Who bounces out of bed, inspired “to be the category leader” or “to create shareholder value” ?

Influential values change how we live and work. These values liberate us to bring our whole selves to the office. In companies with purpose, employees know the values. And in turn, the company becomes more valuable to the tune of 65% more employee loyalty and shareholder returns of 1,681% versus the S&P’s 118% over 15 years (see Power of Purpose infographic).

In The Story of Purpose, Joey Reiman identifies three characteristics of influential values:

Industry-specific: Sun Trust Bank’s “Warmth is our currency.”
 Memorable: FedEx’s “Turn Ideas into I Did Its.”
 Directive: Zappo’s “Deliver WOW Through Service.”


How do values translate into daily life at the office? Let’s look at an example we know well – our own. Our BrightHouse values are:

 The Beauty of Eloquence: If it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying well.
 Family is Everything: Our family begins with our relatives and extends outward to friends, our BrightHouse family, and the family of all living things.
 Light the Way: We lead our clients to new ways of thinking and working that will create brighter brands and ultimately, a brighter world.
 From Wonder? To Wonder! Curiosity and innocence are key ingredients for learning and discovery, revelation, and awe.
 Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun: This quote from Einstein sums up the best of what we do. When we bring together both sides of the brain – creative and strategic – work is play.

As part of our reflection this holiday season, we each wrote what we value at work. While we always have an opportunity to live our values more fully, there’s much to be thankful for at BrightHouse:


















Wondering how to help your organization articulate and live its values? Start with our posts on purpose-inspired leadership, then read Chapter 6 in The Story of Purpose. For more on purpose-inspired culture and values, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Happy Thanksgiving!

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