Thumbs Up! Find Your Personal Purpose

We at BrightHouse know the power of purpose in an organization. But organizations are made of people – and people need purpose, too. Our Founder and Chairman Joey Reiman has a new book, Thumbs Up: 5 Steps to Create the Life of Your Dreams to help guide your own path.

During the next week, we invite you to take our online personal purpose challenge. We began the online challenge back in January, and we’re reposting the video below, along with Joey’s original article on finding personal purpose. Leave any comments below and tag your posts on social media using #4DayPurpose. We look forward to guiding you toward purpose, as we’ve been doing for organizations for over 20 years.

What’s the Challenge?


Philosopher Aristotle tells us that where one’s distinctive talents intersect with the needs of the world – there lies your vocation or calling. Like people, businesses find their vocation or purpose at this intersection.  It is here that companies discover their opportunity to better and brighten the world. Even save it!  When you discover your purpose, you also discover why you are here. With purpose, your goal is not a job or a career but a calling. That is what the word vocation means from the Latin vocare.

BrightHouse developed a framework called 4I’s with the expressed purpose of providing a fool-proofed process for discovering and articulating purpose. The 4I’s are four phases called Investigation, Incubation, Illumination and Illustration. Each phase is meant to bring an organization closer to its core purpose.

Let’s begin our journey. Every day we will spend four hours on one of the 4I’s. The third day we will take off, to take on a period of contemplation. In one week’s time, the hope is that you emerge with the gift called you.


On day one, we journey back to your first days. I like to say, ‘The fruits are in your roots”. By going back to the beginning of your life and rediscovering what you valued, what you loved, you will take your first step on the path of purpose. In companies, BrightHouse will start with the archivist to learn about the organizations beginnings. For you, let’s talk to your relatives about the dreams you had as a child. I wanted to work in the White House when I was eight years old.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: After talking to five important people who knew you when you were a child, after thinking about your top three most important moments during your education and after imagining that you had 25 million dollars in the bank and could not fail regardless of what your calling is, write it down. If it doesn’t give you goose bumps, try writing it again. And again.

THE RESULT: Your calling and goose bumps.

Tuesday, July 7, DAY 2: INCUBATION

Today we are going to think deeply about the world at large. Where your talents and the needs of the world intersect, there lies your calling. What calls you? How will your gifts lead the world to a better place? If phase 1 was about you, phase 2 is about you plus the world. At BrightHouse, we call in luminaries—subject matter experts who help our thinkers think about how a business can improve public life with the unique talents that the organization offers. You, too, have luminaries, friends and associates that help expand your thinking.

THE ASSIGNMENT: Now that you have your calling, write down what most troubles you about the world and how you might bring light to the situation through your work. There are plenty of problems in the world but they are no match for a person with purpose.

THE RESULT: You find yourself at the intersection of your unique gifts and the needs of the world. You are ready to articulate your Master Idea.


Two days have passed and you have worked on your purpose for about eight hours. Today, we walk away and let your thoughts marinate. I have found that my best thinking happens when I leave it alone for a while and take a walk. Try doing the same. Ironically, the office is the least stimulating for thinking. So think outside that box we call the office: The car, the gym, a place of worship and my shower are my favorite places to have eureka moments.

Thursday, july 9, DAY 3: ILLUMINATION

Some ideas are bigger than others. They are called Master Ideas because they master everything about an organization – organisms too, like you. Today you are going to write your Master Idea. Remember, only time will tell. Today we think for a living and write your story. You are the author, director, producer and star of your story…it’s your life. Now when people ask, ‘What’s Your Story?’ you can answer.

THE ASSIGNMENT: What inspires you? Write it down.

THE RESULT: Your calling.

FRIday, july 10, DAY 4: ILLUSTRATION

Purpose without action is useless. Today we take one action that demonstrates your purpose to the world.

You have done it. Found your purpose and your story. What will be your next chapter now that you have found your purpose? Don’t write it down, just do it.

Inspired to read more on finding your purpose? Pick up your copy of Joey’s new book, Thumbs Up! and turn to Chapter 2. For all things purpose, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

A version of this article originally appeared in Gandhi’s Be Magazine

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