Don’t Think Business Can Save the World? Think Again [Video]

Government tried to save the world. Religion gave it a fair shot. Only business – the common chord of every human endeavor – can actually do it. But first, can it save itself?

When most companies began, their founders got it right. Goofing around in a garage, or setting up shop in the living room, the salad days were all about enthusiasm for ideas. But as they grew, the focus became making money, not making what matters. The result? Disengaged employees, dissatisfied customers, and disasters like 2008.

Business needs a new story, one that measures success by the value it adds to society. Watch BrightHouse Founder and CEO Joey Reiman’s Tedx Talk on how purpose can help business find meaning, save the world, and make a positive impact on all of us in it.

Pick up a copy of Joey’s book,  The Story of Purpose. Named one of the top 25 books corporate America is reading, it’s a must-read that can’t wait. And for the latest on purpose-driven leadership, marketing, and innovation insights, subscribe to our blog.

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