Shining Bright: Check out our 2016 Creative Reel

Our 2016 creative capabilities reel will give you an idea of the depth and breadth of the projects we work on at BrightHouse. From big ideas to branding, we have art directors, designers, filmmakers, writers, and photographers on our team working to find true light and makes it shine brighter.

What does our creative team do?
At BrightHouse, our purpose is to, “find true light in the world.” That takes a group of passionate, intelligent, out-of-the-box thinkers working together to form inspiring strategic solutions. First, we work cohesively with strategy to offer unique creative perspectives to the big questions. But once we’ve found that true light, the creative department is here to help it shine in ways that are both relevant and unexpected.

Corporate Identity and Brand Logos:
BrightHouse helps infuse purpose into new brands and rebranding efforts. We’re invited in on the ground floor, helping to create a new grocery store concept, a new clothing line, a new hotel chain, and many more.

Brand Platforms and Positioning:
BrightHouse has introduced brands to important causes, inspiring people, and inspired positions that don’t just change the brand platform – they change the world. From pairing up Secret with Diana Nyad, to helping Always tackle the confidence crisis with Like a Girl, we’ve redefined positioning with purpose.

Responsibility Concepts:
BrightHouse is often asked to guide a company’s corporate social responsibility. Our role ranges for helping them explore the need they can serve in the world, to designing their program all the way down to the logo – like American Standard’s Flush for Good.

Content and Communications:
What’s the perfect rallying cry without the accompanying posters, purpose manual, or unifying framework to explain how it all fits together? BrightHouse creates collateral around our purpose projects to make our message go further.

Innovation and Package Design:
We offer packaging with purpose and innovation with insights. Working together with our clients and our luminaries, we arrive at the intersection of unexpected and relevant, inventing new store designs, new ways to package products, and even entirely new product lines.

Space-based Principles and Design:
We’re known as the home of purpose, but we also created interactive branding experiences before it was cool. From hotel brands to retail stores, we’ve designed numerous spaces to inspire and illuminate a brand.

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  1. I agree. Your creativty can flourish in the coffee house or in the shower. The main point is that one has passion in what they do!

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