Get On Board with Our New Onboarding Film

BrightHouse is a special place, and we wanted to make joining a special occasion. So we decided to get everyone on board to create an onboarding film that reflected the whole house. And it was my job to write it.

CD:    Wanna write the BrightHouse onboarding film script?
Me:    Of course!
CD:    I want it to be poetic. The type of script that would make someone want to work here.
Me:    I’m down!
CD:    Great! Well, I’ll need you to be able to write a line for everyone in the office, have them shoot it landscape on their phones and email it to you. Sound like a plan?


See, when you have over 50 co-workers spread out between Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Germany, the task of getting everyone together to shine a little light in the world can be quite overwhelming. But with a bit of patience, a few reminder emails and one or two patient comments at all-house, things eventually come together.

With Dr. Seuss in my heart and a plethora of personalities to cater to, I set out to write a tribute to BrightHouse. A communal soliloquy to Purpose. A way for us to show what we’re all about, but more importantly, show how much of a family we are.

The result? Well, one critic wrote, “Moving! Like an upside-down roller-coaster ride through the desert with Beyoncé.” NFL fans are saying, “I used to think dogs and babies were only meant for Super Bowl commercials. Boy, was I wrong!!”

So, go ahead. Check it out for yourself.

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