From Intern to Full-Time: Advice From Past BrightHouse Interns

BrightHouse interns aren’t just hired for the summer, they’re hired to be a part of our family. Here’s a look at life of past BrightHouse interns who’ve moved into full-time roles, and became permanent BrightHouse Thinkers.

At BrightHouse, we don’t hire interns for the summer—we hire potential full-time Thinkers. The best and the brightest with a passion for doing good and creating positive change in the world. Here are some words of wisdom and “we’ve been there” insight from our interns of summers past, who have all moved into full-time roles, and took their place in the BrightHouse family.

Carly, Senior Producer:
“BrightHouse felt like a place that would nurture and foster my development, both as a creative and as a business professional. I wanted to work somewhere where my individual strengths and talents would be given a platform to shine, and a place where I could learn and grow from working so closely with accomplished creatives, strategists, and all-around visionaries.”

“My advice to future interns is to always be eager. The interns who are excited and willing to jump in and help with any task are the ones who stand out from the rest. Working at BrightHouse is not about checking boxes, it’s about going above and beyond.”


Sierra, Writer:
“BrightHouse was my third internship experience, and by far the best. I came from a traditional advertising background with a degree in creative advertising, and experience working in Dallas agencies, and my summer here was a breath of fresh air. When I moved to Atlanta and started working, I didn’t expect to stay on full-time, but after experiencing the kind of work BrightHouse creates, and being a part of a team that wants to change the world, I felt like there was no place else I was meant to be.”

“To future interns, my best advice is to always be there. Not just physically, but for your team. Offer help whenever you can. Take the initiative, be proactive, and don’t wait for work to come to you. The people we value the most are those who are there for each other, place projects over pride, and work hard so that we all succeed.”


Taaneya, Designer:
“Other than the challenging projects, what I like most about BrightHouse really comes down to the people who work here. They are what makes you want to wake up every morning and make bigger and better things with a great team by your side. I also place a lot of value in mentorship, and I found a great mentor in our creative head, Jeff, who was always there to help, teach, and inspire.

“With my work, I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and create something that would hopefully serve a bigger purpose. I got to do that during my internship and continue to do that full time at BrightHouse.”


Maggie, Senior Director of Strategy
“BrightHouse appealed to me because it seemed to be working at the intersection of business and social impact – two topics I was keenly interested in and focused on in my studies at the University of Virginia. I believe business can and should be a remarkable force for good in the world, so I felt personally connected with BrightHouse’s purpose.”

“My best advice to interns is to be proactive in getting involved during their time at BrightHouse – both by contributing above and beyond to their project teams and by expressing interest in other internal projects that they can contribute to.”


Emily, Writer:
“I had studied advertising and creative writing in undergrad, initially wanting to be a copywriter in an ad agency. But as I was looking for jobs my senior year, I stumbled upon BrightHouse, and was immediately drawn to Purpose work. The fact that I could use my creative skillset to influence business and society in a positive way — and get paid for it — was a revelation for me. I was immediately in love.”

“If you want to be a creative at BrightHouse, I recommend getting your portfolio up to snuff, and then reaching out to someone here to talk about opportunities. Then, when you’re interning, prove your passion.”


Lee, Senior Strategist:
“During my internship, I was surprised by how much I was valued. The first week I was there, for example, the office held a lunch in my honor and seated me at the head of the table. At BrightHouse, you aren’t just an intern; you’re a member of the family.”

“As my mentor taught me, it’s a marathon not a sprint. The real world is a semester’s end that never ends. You’ll always have a lot of work, so remember to pace yourself and never feel afraid to ask questions. BrightHouse is full of people ready to mentor, teach, or lend a hand, and asking the right questions never goes unnoticed.”

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