Finding Purpose: Our Story of Origin

Every company needs a story of origin. It’s more than a timeline of historic events, it’s an explanation of why they mattered. The best stories of origin help employees understand the spark that ignited the company and show them how to light their own fire. Here’s BrightHouse’s story:

When BrightHouse was founded in 1995, it provided a radical concept for the business world: Ideation. Ideation is the process of forming powerful ideas to guide strategies and direct tactics. The advertising business was changing and Joey Reiman, CEO and founder of The Joey Reiman Agency announced to his board of directors that he would be closing down his successful advertising agency and opening a company focuses on big ideas. Joey’s exact words were, “I am going to think for a living.”

Joey and a team of strategic and creative thinkers started their new journey with Domino’s pizza as their sole client. The band of revolutionaries names their first engagement: Project Anchovy. Then, while flying home from a board meeting in London, Joey imagined that his new company would become “the executive branch of thinking.” Like the White House, but instead of a government serving the people, it would be a house born from serving public life with bright new ideas. With this new purpose, Project Anchovy evolved into BrightHouse: home to bright minds and forward-thinking visionaries with the audacity to believe that big ideas that impact public life would become the new currency of business.

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