Did Your Company Live Purpose This Year? Take our 12 Days of Purpose Quiz

Look above the starlit treetops. Is there a North Star, a timeless light of purpose, guiding your company? Let’s find out.


BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

Beginnings hold valuable instructions for the future. To discover what will make a company truly great in the years to come, we uncover its history. Learn more about founding stories in Chapter 4 in The Story of Purpose by our very own Joey Reiman.


BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

If purpose is why an organization exists, values explain who the people of the organization are. To inspire your workforce, values must live in hearts, not on the walls of a break room. Read our blog post on how to create values that inspire your workforce, and Chapter 6 in The Story of Purpose.

Day 3

BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation
Purposeful leaders are not driven by a corner office or cornering a market. As the moral center of a company, they are motivated by meaning. We have plenty to say about purpose-inspired leadership on our blog, and in Chapter 2 of The Story of Purpose.


BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

Jag Sheth writes in Firms of Endearment, “The larger the company, the greater its moral imperative to take responsibility for its multi-faceted impact on the world.” Organizations with purpose don’t just write a check, the causes they support are aligned with purpose. Instead of corporate social responsibility, it’s corporate social opportunity. Hungry for more meaning? Stuff a stocking with Firms of Endearment – one of our favorite reads.


BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

A brand is a promise. A stand is a promise of something greater than a good or service. What does your brand stand for? Check out Chapter 8 in The Story of Purpose and our infographic on the difference between brands and stands.

Day 6

BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

When purpose drives your business decisions, your products and services will be relevant, unexpected, and inspired. No wonder purpose-driven firms see shareholder returns of 1,681% versus the S&P’s 118% over 15 years. Meaning makes money and makes for good reading in our post, “The Power of Purpose.”

Day 7

BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

Nothing inspires and aligns a company culture more than purpose. If you’re feeling like Grumpy Cat when you head to work, chances are your organization isn’t living its purpose. Our “Power of Purpose infographic” shows the morale boost employees feel from purpose, and Chapter 5 in The Story of Purpose lays out the case, too.

Day 8

BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

Business has only one customer: society. When companies authentically live their purpose, they make meaning and money. Watch BrightHouse Founder and CEO Joey Reiman’s Tedx Talk on how purpose can help business find meaning, save the world, and make a positive impact on all of us.


BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

How people are measured determines how they’ll grow. Are they measured for meaning? Here’s an inspiring quote from Robert F. Kennedy on measuring what matters.

DAY 10

BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

All successful companies have a strong culture. But culture isn’t something you do, it’s something you did. It’s not a program or an event, it’s a shared experience. Read more about creating a purpose-driven culture in our post, “Lean On: How Radically Capable Teams Can Elevate a Company” and in The Story of Purpose, Chapter 5.

DAy 11

BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

How often does your company set aside time to think? Incubation is about expanding your thinking about the role you can play in the world. At BrightHouse, we bring in subject matter experts we call luminaries to add divergent thinking to expand our thinking. Read more on the impact of divergent thinking in The Story of Purpose, Chapter 10.

DAY 12

BrightHouse, home of purpose and ideation

Businesses with purpose are built on a fundamental truth, a universal good, and a conviction that grows people and profits that are sustainable for the long term. Check out our infographic on the long-term impact of purpose and Chapter 9 in The Story of Purpose.

How did your company do?

Mostly As: All companies are on a journey. Once they hear the call of purpose, they become brighter companies. Get started now with the definitive manual for purpose-driven organizations, The Story of Purpose.

Mostly Bs: There are a few bright spots in your organization, but purpose could be lived more fully. Let’s discuss ways we can help.

Mostly Cs: Congratulations! Your organization is living purpose. Keep loving the world in the new year!

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