Bright Life: Fido Friday

BrightHouse is a place that values family, four-legged family included, and part of bringing our whole selves to work is bringing our best friends every Friday to add some tail-wagging good energy to our work day. Since the “Who We Are” page on our site only features the humans of BrightHouse, we thought it was high time we introduced our dogs.


Name: Leo
Breed: Corgi-Husky mix
Family: Judy Lee
Position: Social media guru
About: Named after Leo Messi, our BrightHouse Leo is further proof that great things come in short packages. He’s a social media celebrity, with nearly 200 followers on Instagram (@hellomisterleo), and even the occasional guest blog post. As the friendliest dog in town and a master of tricks, he’s a hard guy not to love.

Name: Pushkin
Breed: Brussels Griffon Mix
Family: Cathy Carlisi
Position: Freelance creative
About: As a work-from-home freelancer, Pushkin rarely makes an office appearance — but he has quite a reputation. He had a beard and mustache long before other hipsters. Known for snoring loudly when Cathy’s on important calls and leaving passive aggressive messages in people’s offices, he’s not afraid to stick it to the man.

Name: Hunter’s Rest Percy Randolph (Percy)
Breed: Boykin Spaniel
Family: Caroline Tanner
Position: Strategist
About: Percy’s been with us since puppyhood, and we’ve loved watching him develop both as a dog and a strategist. He’s not a fan of the quiet, incubational thinking aspect of our job, but his alert, bubbly temperament adds a shot of energy to any meeting.

Name: Virginia (Ginny)
Breed: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel
Family: Maggie Schear
Position: Strategist
About: Ginny works remotely from Cincinnati along with Maggie. She’s a Cavalier both in breed and breeding, as Maggie is a UVA alum. Pensive, considerate, and always cuddly, Ginny brings warmth to the chilly weather of our BrightHouse-Cinci office.

Name: Andrew (Andy)
Breed: Mix
Family: Emily (aunt)
Position: N/A
About: Andy is this writer’s nephew and comes by when he’s being puppysat for the weekend. A fun-loving, social guy, he’s maybe not a deep thinker by nature, but he appreciates a good pun — and a good beer.

Name: Cody
Breed: Toy Poodle
Family: Caroline Jones
Position: Summer intern
About: As one of our summer interns, Cody brought fresh, hip college thinking to the office, filling us in on “what the kids are into these days.” He had a lot of potential, and he’ll do great things with his career. Keep rockin’ that ‘fro, Cody.

Name: Sugar
Breed: Boston Terrier
Family: Matthew Robertson
Position: Presentation Specialist
About: Aptly named, Sugar is our office sweetie! But when she isn’t hanging with the BrightHouse crew, she’s practicing her soccer skills on the field and plans to go pro someday. And while she may be athletic she’s also very well read, and is currently working on her autobiography, “Sugar in the Raw”. 

Name: Bunny
Breed: Boxer
Family: Matthew Robertson
Position: Presentation Specialist
About: Bunny is our office chatter box! If she catches you at the water-cooler she will talk your ear off about her love for watermelons and her prized jewelry collection.

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