A Day in the Life of BrightHouse Pictures

Here at BrightHouse, we hire once-in-a-lifetime people. With every project we wear a variety of hats, so everyone here is a Renaissance man or woman. To prove it, we asked Renaissance woman and Director of BrightHouse Pictures Ashley Maiola how she would describe her “typical day.”

In Ashley’s words:

My typical day starts before I get to the office. At BrightHouse Pictures, there are three pieces to our work: scripts, visuals, and music. Music is a big part of my job, so I start my day when I turn on the radio in the morning. A lot of people tell me they wish their job were to listen to music; it’s definitely really fun, but it’s also hard work to find the perfect track for a film.

My days in are always different depending on the project and what stage of the project we’re in, which makes every day a fun adventure. BrightHouse Pictures creativity is also really dependent on our team: the strategist behind every film, the scripts written by creatives, the directors we hire for each film, and the pictures team that films and edits.

My days in the office at BrightHouse are also very different from my shoot days, which are always crazy and amazing. Those days can be 14 hours long, sunrise-to-sunset kind of days. From San Francisco to Sandomeirz, Poland, shoots are about meeting different kinds of people and finding out why they wake up in the morning. Because we aren’t an agency that makes commercials; the people we meet are real, with real stories. Like when we went to a carpet manufacturing plant and met Eugene. We were able to give him a moment where his company and the world could appreciate what he does and why. He works every day on the same line, doing the same thing, so giving him a spotlight to shine makes all our work worth it.

And it’s amazing when you have a whole team dedicated to a common goal. My days are spent appreciating the creativity, ideas, and magic we get to experience together. But that’s what BrightHouse is, and that’s why we’re here. We hire once-in-a-lifetime people because this is a once-in-a-lifetime place.

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