A Day in the Life of a Strategist

Here at BrightHouse, every day is devoted to challenging ourselves to think harder and deeper in the service of our clients. We’re all thinkers, no matter what our position, and we value our time to ponder, consider, and ideate. To prove it, we asked BrightHouse strategy veteran Fati Ahmed how she would describe her “typical day.”

In Fati’s words:

I’ve never experienced the same day twice, so describing my typical day is quite the challenge. Generally, it all depends on what projects I’m currently assigned to. I could be doing a check-in to go over deliverables for a project in its final stages, going to a download meeting for a new client, or I could be prepping for an upcoming Luminary workshop.

My schedule is filled with client meetings, discussions with our creative team, or BrightHouse meetings, like our All House Meeting. I’m a big fan of House Meetings: every other Monday we all get together to learn more about what’s going on with all our clients. We get to do a sort of ‘show and tell’ where we present findings and important deliverables that we have been working on with the entire BrightHouse family. This gives us a chance to show off our work and also see what other members have been up to lately.

Something else I really love about BrightHouse is that we value ‘Think Time,’ which is pretty rare. It’s a chance to explore what’s going on in the world, which I’ve found also helps with the Luminary selection process (click here to find out more about our Luminaries). I love that we value how important it is to be well rounded and discover new things.

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