A Day in the Life of a Creative: Writer Edition

Here at BrightHouse, every day gives us a chance to be both creative and impactful. With each project, we think hard to make sure we’re doing what’s best for our client and for the world. We asked BrightHouse Creative Director Mike Brady how he would describe a “typical day” for a BrightHouse writer.

In Mike’s words:

A typical day? I don’t think I have those. Each day is pretty unique, thank goodness. In the morning, I might spend an hour or two concepting an idea. Then I might work on copy from another project; try to find a cleaner, simpler way to express something. I walk around the block a lot to let my brain roam a bit. And, then there are meetings, phone calls – you’ve got to have those.

While I wouldn’t call BrightHouse innocent, or idealistic, we do foster intelligent naivety, or a childlike wonder mixed with a big dose of strategy. I spend a lot of my time thinking, taking in new information, talking to living people – face to face, and then thinking some more. Which on paper can seem like it adds up to nothing, but it’s really the way – the only way for me – to get at something new. And while we don’t have a lot of structure, we have enough to keep things flowing. That’s a big reason I love working here. It’s like spending your day in a house of philosophy, suspended in a gravitational field between rational facts and imagination. You could say I float all day.

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