A Day in the Life of a Creative: Visual Edition

Here at BrightHouse, every day is a chance to learn, explore, and create. With every project, we experience something new, a fact which we not only find inspiring but also gives us a strong sense of purpose. There is never a boring day at our office, which we know is a strong claim to make. To prove it, we asked BrightHouse Creative Director Jeff Harter how he would describe a “typical day” for a BrightHouse visual artist.

In Jeff’s words:

When I think about my typical day here, it takes me back to my childhood. I struggled to sit at a desk all day being lectured to instead of going on a field trip which was where the real thrill was. I would always leave the trips thinking, “Wow, look at everything I learned.” I worked at a few agencies where all they wanted was a guy to sit at a desk, and it was never a happy time for me.

At BrightHouse, we have an ever-growing client list, and the thing that I love to do everyday is to get to know our clients better than they know themselves. For some, we travel the globe to meet their leadership and tour their facilities. During my time at BrightHouse, I’ve gotten to go on some pretty unreal experiences. Shooting for films in Europe and San Francisco with my team is always a blast. Because BrightHouse trusts us to let our talent shine, every person works to their best ability – constantly elevating the work and our impact.

Every day is different because of how we are allowed to work. Some of us work at home, in coffee shops, while traveling, or in the office. When you get to work in a way that’s fun and refreshing, the work we make reflects that. And our work is always interesting because we don’t use the same formula for every project. We take risks to find new deliverables for clients, whether it’s creating new teaching modules, producing a purpose book, or filming in Colombia to get just the right look for one of our films. And then at the end of each day, after doing unique work in beautiful places for amazing clients, we get to reflect on what we accomplished and see how our work has moved the world. That’s what I’ve always wanted in a typical day.

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