Wall to Wall Inspiration: Our Partnership with MINT

At BrightHouse, we believe seeing a piece of art can be a catalyst for changing the way you think or the way that you interact with the people around you. That’s why, we feel it’s important to surround ourselves with art – particularly since Georgia has one of the lowest levels of per capita arts funding in the country. BrightHouse is hosting rotating exhibits from MINT, a non-profit that supports emerging artists in Atlanta. At the end of each rotation, we buy a piece to add to our permanent collection. We made a film about the purpose behind our first acquisitions.

When we moved into our new home at Ponce City Market, though radiant and warm, the freshly painted white walls seemed a little too bare. We are a creative consultancy, after all—our meetings are called ideations, we are “intelligence having fun.” We needed something on those walls, and what better to light the house of purpose than with the truth and beauty of art?

We needed a partner and it so happened that our very own Erica Jamison was the Executive Director of MINT, a non-profit that supports emerging Atlanta artists with grants and gallery space. So we formed an alliance to adorn our home with the works of 10-12 artists on a rotational basis – with the promise that we’d purchase one work for permanent display from each show. Our home became a gallery of thought and expression.

We purchased two works: one from Gerald Lovell and one from Anna Jensen. But true to BrightHouse’s ethos, we couldn’t just leave it there. We needed to investigate a little deeper. We wanted to learn about the purpose behind the canvas, through the perspective of the artists who painted them. In doing so, we learned about an important need in the world.

What is your purpose? We gleaned from the insight of these artists that purpose doesn’t always mean you have a clear answer. Purpose is what pulls at your heart, and when you share it, it pulls at the hearts of others—that’s what creates change.

During the final stages of completing this film, we learned of a giant leap in arts advocacy for the City of Atlanta. As of June 18th, 2018 the City Council has agreed to double the arts budget from $995k to $2M (and a big BrightHouse thank you to former Strategy Director, now District 2 City Councilman, Amir Fahroki!) But Georgia still has the lowest level of per capita arts funding in the country, “ranking 50th out of 50 states” in 2018 at 11 cents per capita to North Carolina’s 80 cents (read the full article on ArtsATL.com).

By shining a light on your purpose, you can light the candle of others without diminishing your own. It’s no secret that when you know people’s stories, you invest in them—you authentically connect and create greater forms of understanding. We now light you with this story—please, share it. Get to know your neighborhood artists, designers and architects who make your city one worth creating in. Share with your representatives why funding public art is about change.

And above all, we task you with the following: share with one person what moves you to action and why.

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