Find Personal Purpose: Take Our 4-Day Challenge

A happy and fulfilling life starts with finding your purpose. We can help you find it during our 4-Day Personal Purpose Challenge. Begin by watching our video below:

Here’s how it works

1. Visit this post on Monday, May 23. Or just find us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

2. Watch the video.

3. Grab a notepad and complete the day’s activity.

4. Let us know how you’re doing (optional).
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 Monday, May 23: Rediscover Your Past: The Fruits Are in the Roots

 Tuesday, May 24: What Does Your World Need?

 Wednesday, May 25: Hey You, What’s Your Purpose? 

 Thursday, May 26: How Will You Live Your Purpose? 


  1. Always excited to sharpen the vision. Should make for a fun week.

    • Good morning, Will. The Day 1 Challenge is ready when you are! We’re excited about this week, too. Let us know if we can help.

  2. Always good to reconnect with/update sense of purpose….Phil

  3. I love the ideas- I know I have always been about serving. My family and friends concur- formal education has never been my forte- but I love to learn. What would I do with 20 million? I would build a network of children’s homes in Haiti. I would show corporations how they could facilitate a sense of purpose in thier employees and business contacts by allowing them a mission beyond dollars and cents- they get to be a part of changing lives- and change their own lives as well

    • Hi Eric, Thanks for your all your thoughts on this one! Without $20 million (we can dream, right?) I wonder how you could continue to pursue this notion a little closer to home? Today’s Day 2 video gets us thinking about what we can do right in our backyard. Let us know what you’re thinking!

  4. Growing up in rural SC in a community of racial division the mere thought of intentionally directing the course of ones life was absent. This was the norm for African Americans in my community. The normal course of action was to make the best of ones conditions by achieving survival. If one could survive week to week then one was doing what was expected. Within this context was a “togetherness” for everyone in the community was struggling to accomplish the goal of survival. We typically didn’t see hero’s who inspired us to be more and do more. I am grateful (truly and understatement) for the eye opening experience I had at age 14, which altered my sense of value, worth and dignity. In turn, the previous goals and dreams of survival were now insufficient and unacceptable. I would add value to people and in turn earn a great income. That was my commitment as a teenager and it is more true today.

  5. This was a good, succinct way to connect gifts and talents to problems. Interestingly, we can possibly develop a talent when the burden to solve a problem is substantial enough. My primary gifts are speaking, relationship building and idea generation. Thanks for refreshing me in connecting them to problems in the world.

    • Marcus, Very good point about answering a challenge that’s big enough — Something that allows room for growth, but not too big it seems overwhelming. It’s a balance for each person. When we talk about meeting a problem in the world, it can seem intimidating: “World hunger? Global monetary crisis? I can’t solve that!”. So we wanted to remind people that there are opportunities to use our talents to meet a need in the world all around us. And as the Pepperidge Farm story illustrates, sometimes right in our house! Howard Thurman has this great quote: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Wishing you well as you brainstorm ways to bring your unique gifts to the world. Let us know!

      • Thanks for your reply; something that allows room for growth but not too overwhelming is clear! Each person has to constantly discover the “sweet spot” and then progressively enlarge that circle.

        Thanks greatly!

  6. If I had 20 million, I would open a leadership and purpose center in strategic emerging countries for teens and young adults. Secondly, I would start leadership and purpose centers in strategic rural communities across the south.

  7. I exist to use my speaking skills to being clarity to the worlds biggest problems because misunderstanding is the impassable gulf that hinders solutions.

    • Hi Marcus, Well-stated personal purpose line! “What you do” (use your speaking skills), “How you use them” (to bring clarity to world’s biggest problems), and “Why you do it” (because misunderstanding hinders solutions). We appreciate all your participation and hope it’s been rewarding week for you, too!

  8. One of the worst states to be in: The state of being RICH in intention but POOR in execution.

    Thanks for the reminder to “DO”

  9. I exist to: use my training (as an I/O psychology researcher] to help organizations support their employee’s personal / professional development, because work family conflict (imbalance) has far reaching consequences.

    I exist to teach adult learners/employees to use online information carefully, because: misinformation found online can be dangerous.

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